China is a country with more than 4000 years history and has a lot of significant art and craft works that is well known by the world. China is proud of the great skills of artists and craftsman that make all the art and craft works by hand, while by the improvement of technology, 3D software and 3D printing technology are playing very important roles on not only in the mass production industries but also in the arts and crafts field nowadays. My thesis is to use the 3D software and 3D printing technology to create a new type of contemporary Chinese art work. Three series of my works will be shown in my thesis, which are The Pagoda, The Four Symbols and The Craft.


The Pagoda
By researching the history, architectural method and constructional materials of the Chinese pagoda, the elements of the Chinese pagoda will be merged with the 3D software and printing technology to create four wearable jewelry pieces.


The Four Symbols
The dragon, the phoenix, the tiger and the turtle and the four sacred animals in Chinese mythology since three thousand years ago and each sacred animal has its own unique meaning to the Chinese. This series is to absorb the meaning of each sacred animal and their appearance to create a new form of the four sacred animals as wearable jewelry pieces by using the 3D software and printing technology.


The Craft
The craft work is not only an art piece but also the object that people will use for their daily life. In this series I would like to figure out the connection between the Chinese craft works and people who use them, then to redesign them as a new type of craft works and jewelry pieces.




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